VALESCO-SMS (Strategic Manpower Solutions), Inc. knows the global need for employment. We want to give our patrons a superlative tailored service and to Filipino workers and provide them the opportunity to work overseas.

To succeed, we aim to;

  • “Provide our principals/ employers with highly skilled, well experienced, competent, trustworthy, and committed workforce.
  • Assist Filipino workers to sharpen their knowledge and skills to become highly competitive in the global market and
  • Continuously work together with our partners in different government agencies in safeguarding the welfare of the workers and clients as well.




VALESCO-SMS (Strategic Manpower Solutions), Inc. shall be the prime leader in the country’s Recruitment industry by continuously providing clients with high standard, world-class service and high skilled, well trained competent workforce, by continually advancing its facilities, systems and by firming up strong relationship with clients.

VALESCO-SMS (Strategic Manpower Solutions), Inc. is a supporter of Filipino Workers and believes in his inborn capabilities, skills, talent and eagerness to work and aims to spread out all Filipino workers in the four corners of the world and make them highly competitive in the global marker.